Getting Motivated When You Feel Down

This post is about pulling yourself out of depression and motivating yourself to do something. In this article I will discuss why this is important and how to gain motivation in the workplace. Then read my tips on how to motivate yourself, even if you don't want to do anything.
Next time you feel exhausted, unmotivated and lethargic at work, try to motivate yourself again. If you feel unable to be discouraged, call it a time and choose one of the measures you have taken to know that you can become a self-motivated person. Close your eyes and think about every single benefit of this action and try to be motivated to do something. Next time you have to "motivate" yourself and you do it, but this time with a different goal in mind.
If the biggest goal in your life is overwhelming, set yourself a smaller goal to regain motivation. If you feel that you have lost motivation or can no longer concentrate on your goal, remember why you started working on it in the first place. One of the reasons to use it as motivation is to pursue your goals and stay motivated. If you are trying to motivate yourself at the top end of your needs, make sure you satisfy the needs at the bottom first, otherwise you will not be able to motivate yourself!  
So act as you need to motivate yourself and soon you will feel real motivation to move on. If you focus on understanding what you really want, you will find that even the scariest tasks can be accomplished if you know that you are motivating yourself. Instead of putting all your energy into thinking about how to "motivate" yourself, find a way to motivate yourself without knowing if you have the time. You will feel more motivated if you put yourself in the position to actually feel a little more motivation.
If you are not able to use the motivation you need to succeed, you cannot do so because the things you want to motivate are too vague. If you have just experienced trauma or loss, are undergoing a major change, or find that some days you are hard hit by symptoms of death and rebirth, try to motivate yourself and become proactive. Tell people how you motivate yourself again, what you have worked on and how you are "motivated" again. I tell people I'm in the middle of a transition, I need "motivation," but I just don't have the motivation to do it now.
If you look at the negative effects of staying on your current path, you can motivate yourself to get up and get going again, but you forget about it.  
According to, if you lack the motivation to write a boring report and you don't want to get off the couch and start your to-do list, you can use the 10-minute rule to motivate yourself to act. Just take a look at what it really takes to stay motivated long enough to finish this activity. If you have been wondering how you are motivated to exercise, or if you are trying to "motivate" yourself to go to the gym, setting a deadline is the right way to go. You can learn from a break, because sometimes it is enough to take a step back to motivate yourself again.  
Staying motivated can indeed be a struggle, but you can use these strategies to boost yourself - to bring motivation and more energy and joy into your life. Instead of relying on occasional unexpected motivational spurts, keep your motivation up by making sure it is where you need it most.
Have you ever considered yourself "motivated" or "not motivated" at different points in your life or simply as a whole person? So it's really difficult to motivate yourself if you really want to do something, but you know it has to be done. Sean Adams of Motivation Ping suggests that you identify your motivation and start working towards your goals - that's how we are wired together as people. The question of what makes us tick, why we do what we do, and how we stay motivated and motivated is a question that basically comes down to self-understanding.
No matter how much you are connected to your goals or how well you manage your time, you will find it difficult to find a way to motivate yourself when you are in a bad mood or exhausted. If you are afraid to take the steps you have taken to achieve your goal, it is natural that motivation will wane. No matter what you do, no matter how you forget to motivate yourself on the go, no matter how "good" or "bad" your time has been - management systems have had it in places, or even whether you have been exhausted or not - you will have difficulty finding ways to "get motivated."